Keyword Reports

Before building links and doing the on-page optimization, you need to know what keyword phrases to focus on.

You may think that you already know what keyword phrases would be best, but did you determine this by comparing the amount people searching for that keyword phrase with the amount of competition for that phrase? The best way to get results is to analyze different keyword phrases and determine which ones you have the best chances at ranking for based on this ratio. Our Affordable SEO Reports will help!

While compiling the data for our Keyword Reports, we will first find many similar, relevant keyword phrases then rank them by which has the best ratio of searches vs. competition.

Number of Searches Vs. Competition
Depending on your industry, you may choose to tackle the more competitive keyword phrases, knowing that you may not rank on top, but knowing that even a small share of a highly searched keyword phrase is worth the effort.

You may also choose to try and rank for multiple keyword phrases that are not very competitive at all, but do not get very many searches, knowing that you can rank for many of them at once, thus increasing the total number of searches overall.

How do you make these decisions without getting a comprehensive, Affordable Keyword Report (SEO Reports)?

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