What Is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art of acquiring favorable search engine placement based on relevancy. There are four key elements to an effective SEO strategy:

    • Research – Involves researching the most effective keyword phrases and analyzing the competition (See our Keyword Reports page for more details)


    • On-Page Optimization – Involves using the right keywords in the proper tags and writing good content for the site and blog (See our On Page Optimization page for more details)


    • Social Media – Content from social media affects the rank of websites


    • Link Building – Involves building numerous and various inbound links to help link popularity (See our Link Building page for more details)


The most important element of Search Engine Optimization is Link Building. This element is 95% of SEO, but the first two elements must be completed first. Search Engines count inbound links to your site as a “vote” for how popular your site is. When you have more various, higher authority inbound links than other sites using the same keywords, your site will rank better. When your site ranks better in search engines, the traffic to your site will increase.

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